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Servo drives

We specialize in providing services and supplying spare parts for industrial automation power electronics. At our service center, we focus on conducting comprehensive repairs for industrial drives, with a particular emphasis on Siemens axial motors from the 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FT7, 1FK6, and 1FK7 series. Additionally, we also handle servomotors from reputable brands such as Heidenhain and Wittenstein.

With our extensive experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing equipment from renowned brands like Mitchell Electronics and Heidenhain, we are fully equipped to handle all your technical needs.

Engine diagnostics

  • Performing an initial motor inspection, including measuring the insulation resistance of the stator and brake, checking sensor signals and brake torque, assessing the magnetic state of the rotor, and detecting any mechanical wear on the free end of the shaft.
  • Providing the customer with a detailed price offer.

Comprehensive repair


  • Replacing all damaged or worn engine parts such as bearings, sensors, brakes, bearing shields, connectors, and pins.
  • Cleaning cooling channels, connectors, windings, and other components.
  • Drying the engine.
  • Measuring armature inductance.
  • Assessing insulation condition.
  • Measuring stator resistance.
  • Verifying the temperature sensor.
  • Measuring brake torque.
  • Conducting comprehensive functionality testing.
  • Providing a detailed test protocol.

Spindle motors

Preventive Maintenance of Servomotors:

  • Conduct regular inspections and wear testing to minimize costs during emergency situations.
  • Aim to reduce expenses by identifying potential issues in advance through preventive maintenance of servomotors.

General Repairs, Primarily Siemens:

  • Specialize in general repairs, with a focus on Siemens equipment, including spindle motors such as 1PH6, 1PM6, 1PH7, 1PH8, and various others.
  • Offer comprehensive repair services, particularly for Siemens products, encompassing a wide range of spindle motors like 1PH6, 1PM6, 1PH7, 1PH8, and numerous other models.


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